Some new restaurants (for us)…

Posted on Jun 8, 2014 in Boston, Food, Restaurant Reviews

Some new restaurants (for us)…

We’ve been eating!  I haven’t been posting but I’ve been eating.  And, here are some great new finds:

Empire – at the Seaport.  Wow!  I can’t say enough.  I’m still dreaming about the Lobster Cupcakes.  They were outstanding.  The hot and sour soup served in a big bowl, some Singapore noodles.  All awesome.  Great looking restaurant.  Open kitchen with a sushi bar. Great bar.  Lounge area where you can reserve seating.  It has it all.  In fact, we had to go back and weren’t disappointed the second time around.

Tryst – in Arlington.  A wonderful little restaurant.  We stopped there for dinner before a show at the Regent Theatre, spent almost 2 hours with some friends.  At the table – a great bolognese, a perfect hamburger, some delicious epanadads and crispy calamri.  A definite return to Tryst.  They also own Cook in Newton.  Tryst is small and it has a nice bar if you that’s your preference.

Row 34 – located in a warehouse space in Fort Point Channel brought to you by the people who own Island Creek Oyster Bar.  So you know it’s probably going to be pretty good.  And it is.  Industrial looking, we sat at the bar (of course) and had a terrific bowl of clam chowder, some perfectly prepared fried clams and butterscotch pudding.

These are all restaurants worth revisiting.

Wait, T\there’s more on the way.

So, see you at the bar……


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