A New Year

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A New Year

Well, here I am; it’s the first morning of 2012.  What am I doing?  I’m hungry believe it or not!  We need bagels so the car is warming up and Romeo and I are going to go to Einsteins to pick up some fresh warm bagels.  Then I can begin my day!

Last night for the first time since we can remember, we spent New Year’s Eve by ourselves, sort of.  Us and 1,000,000 people in Boston,  mostly there for First Night.

Our New Year’s Eve festivities began in Kenmore Square at Hawthorne Bar.  We got there at 4:52.  It opens at 5.  Island Creek Oyster Bar was open and busy so I said let’s go there but Roy had his mind set on the Hawthorne Bar.  He had a plan. I needed to argue about it on the steps of the Hotel Commonwealth for a minute and then we looked at a photo exhibit in the hotel which by the way is outstanding and by the time we were finished the bar was open.  We were the first people there!  The staff was busy stocking the bar, straightening their bow ties and getting themselves geared up for the big night. We ordered two Kir Royales.

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