The Proper Shave…Turkish Style

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The Proper Shave…Turkish Style

Well, I couldn’t end my Turkey stories without telling you about the shave.

Roy wanted a real Turkish shave and he hadn’t shaved for a few days so that he could properly enjoy one.  We asked Captain Mehmet who the best barber was in Kalkan and he told us.  So on our last night we went into town.  We hadn’t really explored Kalkan because we’d been so busy.  That’s not usual for us.  We love towns but on this trip there was too much to do.

We found Elit Barber on a busy street with music blasting and lit up like a carnival.  Like I told you before, Turkish towns are alive.  We asked for the barber and were told he was not in the shop but would come right away.  Mind you, it was 10PM but not a problem apparently.

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