About Me

About Me

It began July 4th weekend, 2011.  Roy and I were on our way to Georgetown, Maine and we decided to make a detour to Portland to check out a restaurant called The Fisherman’s Net which supposedly had world-class lobster rolls and Guy Fieri had been there to see if they were worthy for his show.  Following a less than stellar lobster roll lunch which Roy and I both thought as overrated, Roy suggested that I start a blog about our never-ending quest to seek out fabulous dining experiences, be it a food truck or a five-star restaurant.  Roy suggested I call it “2 At The Bar” because given a choice, that’s where we prefer to sit when we go out to eat.

I certainly don’t consider myself a food critic and I wasn’t sure anybody would be interested in my opinions, but in the end I decided to give it a whirl and my very first post was about that weekend trip to Maine.

Once I started blogging, I quickly realized that it would be a big mistake to limit my posts to dining experiences so 2 at the Bar features posts on the two other passions that my life seems to revolve around-travel and music.

So, whatever I do now, the first question I always ask myself is: “Is it blogworthy?”  If the answer to that question is yes, you’ll be the first to know!

See you at the bar…..